Saving and populating Tag List with Multiselect

Hey there,

i am trying to create a multiselect input that lets the user select a number of traits/skills, and save them to their profile. i got that to work!

now my challenge is that when the user returns to their profile, they should see the tags they previously saved in the multiselect input. ive created a simple version of that below – any thoughts and insights are much appreciated!

for you to demo it properly use the run as feature for the example email account

also i had it on anyone can edit but some sad person deleted the page… on view mode but happy to give access.

just enable auto-binding and this will show current user tags.
Or you can also set he Default value to “Current user’s tags”

Hey @Jici! thanks for your reply! i tried setting up auto-binding but its not letting me select a field (even after i change the privacy settings). just switched it to anyone can edit…

You have deleted everything?

haha. someone is being funny and deleting everything. come on get a life! restoring…

The reason why you was not able to select a field, it’s because your user skill is a list of text while it should be a list of Options - here take a look

Always pm apps with edit rights :frowning:

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