Saving bubble components as reusable elements with all formatting settings

Hello there! I’m struggling saving bubble “log in/sign up” pop up component as a reusable element like it was before “components” menu was created by developer.
I want bubble to save it with all formatting and layout settings: width, height, background color, etc.

But bubble creates reusable element only with part of formatting settings.

What can be the way to save it the way i need, edit and use as reusable element?

If you can explain it in a bit more detail (I cannot find a pop up form, but just a regular form), and generally where you found the form you posted maybe I can help. Did you put the regular form in a pop up and want it as a reusable element or? I just need some more info to try to help then

Hey, @marko1!
OK then, i try to explain more correctly:
My purpose is: to edit this pop up element’s appearance, layout and workflow settings, save it as reusable element so i don’t need to edit it each time i use it on other pages.
Right now i study with a record of online course and it’s slightly out of date. The coach of the course has the same Sign Up / Log In Pop Up thing as a reusable element in Reusable Elements “folder” in upper left corner of the interface.
My actions are:
In Components i find this Sing Up / Log In element.

I drag it into my project and it reveals as a pop up element right from here.

I click on this area with right mouse button and choose “Convert to a reusable element” action.

Then i give it a name, save it and i get this instead of what i need.

If you need any extra info i’m ready to provide it. Thanks for reaching out to me.

Im not at home right now, I will be later in the day and then I will sit and take a detailed look about everything you just sent bro.

bro Im sorry but I am very busy with work. I suggest you ask again in the forum because I am really busy these days

OK, am i allowed to create a new topic with a similar problem?

Yeah, you are allowed, you can also delete this one and make a new one. But no need to delete, just make a new one