Saving custom states

Hi, I know that custom states are temporary. What if I want to store them in the database permanently? How do I do that?

Let me give an example. Say, I have a list of movies and I selected a few of them (using a custom state) and want to save them in the dashboard under a tab called ‘My Movies’ so that I can reference them whenever I want, how do I implement this?

Whichever workflow you’re using to save/update the custom state can also save something to the database.
Let’s say you click on a movie text, and your workflow sets element state to the selected text’s text… Your next action in the workflow after ‘set element state’ can be a save action such as ‘create new movie’ (if saving as a separate item) or ‘make changes to a list’ (if saving as part of a list).

Sounds like you want to have a movie_list (list of movies) on each user to display later. The movie_list is what will display under the my movies tab. Does that help?

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Hi @scott3, I tried creating ‘new thing’. It is saving in the database successfully. But I want to display the list, selected by the user, under ‘My Movies’ tab. I have three tabs on the kind of ‘profile’ page (All Movies, My Movies, Settings). I have a list of movies under the tab ‘All Movies’, and have checkbox against each movie listing. Now, I want to show all the movies selected by the user under ‘My Movies’. Can you explain a little further? Huge thanks in advance!

Here’s a silent screenshare to help :slight_smile:



Hi @scott3
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Will definitely return the favor one day!!
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