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Saving data and make a change to thing


i’m working on an auction website. I first used a " create a thing" but now it did not update properly my website so I “make a change to thing” but with this feature I cannot see if there is a troubled, who bet before the last one.

if you want to try feel free : Bubble | No-code apps

If I understand it correctly, you are not able to display the last bidder to the current bidders?

In fact I have the last one, but I did not have others as I update the data

So you want a list of all the bidders for a particular product?

If this is what you are looking for, you need to create a datatype “Bidders” and whenever someone bids for a product, use “Create a new thing” and add the current bidders details like use ID, email and bidding product to the “Bidders” datatype. After this, use “Make a change to thing”, replace the previous bidder with current bidder in the “Products” datatype.

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Many thanks I will try this