Saving dates and times from a rg

Hello to all and anyone who would be so kind to lend some help. I am currently trying to set up a feature in my app where a user has to choose their availability for the week, i.e. what days they are available and what times on those days that they will be in the office.

I also would need to be able to have the user to update their availability, but the update would need to consist of the dates and times to be updated concurrently.

I have tried the input element to no avail. I also realized that trying store the dates and times in a the same group doesn’t work either due to the fact that the data source can only be one option.

Can someone please help? I have been hung up on this for a very long time. I would greatly appreciate it.


Try autobinding the results of the date/time picker you’re using to your date field. Air Date time has a nice interface and could be used as a plugin beyond the traditional date/time picker. Also, look at date range which is a data type that does ranges which is good for availability type things.

Sorry I apologize. I misspoke. I meant to refer to days of the week and times for the days of the week. So essentially, I want Monday though Sunday in a RG as well as the times. And need to be able to save them to the database where each day of the week is linked to a specific range of hours.