Saving... Error Followed by 520 Error

Is anyone else facing saving issues followed by this Beautiful screen? Just check if this is known before I file another bug report

Seems, to work if you refresh after a minute or so…then happens again :sob:

About 90 minutes ago, one of my apps started showing 166 errors. I was in it prior to that, left the app for awhile, then when I came back, the errors were there. So I never saw that 520 error you shared, but the 166 errors have persisted. Someone else on the forums reported issues and I know of other apps (not mine) that have had similar-sounding problems, so you are not alone.

@AliFarahat yes please file the bug report.

I got the same error twice in the last 2 hours. I am also in Toronto, btw. My screen is showing exactly the same as yours.

Doing that now…

Now this is getting ridiculous. Its happening more frequently…

Anyone else if facing this?

Thanks for reporting, our team is investigating now.

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Hey @eve

Any update on this. As an update I am starting to get this message on the bubble home screen

I have only 55 issues in one application and only reusable elements. And only 1 of my apps seems to be affected.


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I had 22 yesterday, and immediately I did a restoration to my last modification. Everything’s back to normal.

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Yeah, it doesn’t repeat after I fix it. However, too much workload arises. Unfortunately, not all of them are memorized, and there are multiple collabrators. It will take a lot of time to see the workflows work correctly, so I’m waiting for an answer from the team

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