Saving Group as a template

Hello guys,
So I want to know if it possible to save a group as data, and if so how?
The reason being I want to create something like a template (group) whre the user can insert data in specific places (image,text,etc). Like if it was one of those apps you download that have templates for you to create content for social media.
Thanks in advance.

Hi… if you’ve sorted this out, please post the solution. I’m also looking to create a few templates within my app to save time for users in their own document creation and also in the setup and onboarding process, and am not clear on where that data would be stored. Thanks!

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I think what you are looking to do is create ‘cards’ of a some kind. I think the best place to do this would be reusable elements.

I don’t know how much customization you could allow the user to do, and no matter what amount it will be somewhat tedious, but if you really want something you can get it done.

I will use a letter as an example, much like in Microsoft Word you can create a template, where you can use ‘dynamic’ data to fill in certain portions such as name, address etc.

You would create a series of reusable elements that have the same dimensions. Each reusable element would have its own set of text (keeping idea of a letter)…you can then use dynamic data in the text fields as necessary.

Once you have created as many reusable elements as needed, say five if you wanted five different letter templates, you would on a page create a group element. In that group element you would put all five of the reusable elements…each would need to have a conditional for being visible or not. The conditional should be referencing the type of ‘letter’ it is.

Then you need to create on the page and ability for a user to select the type of ‘letter’ they want on the page. What is happening is the group element on the page that is the ‘container’ for the five reusable elements is on the page with nothing visible until the user selects the type of ‘letter’ they want. At that point the conditional for one of the five reusable elements should be met for it to become visible.

At that point if you have dynamic data as part of the text in reusable element and the user is needing to add the dynamic data, you will need to use input elements to get that data in there or some other method which is not hard.

Thanks @boston85719, for taking the time to respond! It looks like I wasn’t clear enough in my question. The “templates” I was talking about were starter option sets, and I hadn’t been sure where to store the initial data, but I I’ve sorted out what I need to do using Options (now that I understand how they work with Attributes!).

Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the late response but I have been quite busy. To clarify in case you wanted to do something different, I wanted to create sort of templates like in Canva the App, where my crm users could change info (images and text) whenever they wanted to.

So I created 2 pages. In the first page I created a rg with the layouts (just an image representing a possible outcome of the layout) and when clicked it sends some data to a 2nd page where you can edit the layout. In the 2nd page there are groups which are hidden and show up depending on data that the page has. It can be download once finished as a png file or pdf depending on the template.

Hopefully it helps in some way.

Thanks @paulogustavopeixoto! Looks great. Not exactly what I’m needing, but I think I’ve gotten my challenge solved.

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