Saving in Database

Hello bubblers!
I have an app that severs user inputs. After saving this I programmed an “alert” to display whenever a new thing is created in the database.

The issue now is that I am testing with Wifi Network. When i disconnected from the network and and click Save, I still get the alert in the app saying “successful”. This is after I have disconnected from the network.

Is there a way to ensure that the alert only comes when the data is save successfully into the database?

Thank you.

Maybe using a plugin like this could help:

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Thank you.

I just added this to my app but I cannot find the plugin in the visual elements of design view.

Please help.

So to get the plugin working you just need to install into your app, thats it.

It doesn’t have any workflow events or actions - neither any visual element. It adds the script to all pages and will automatically display when a user on your site/app losses their internet connection - try it out.