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Saving info from Input Via Backend workflow

Is there a way I can save information such as first name last name with input values and store them in the database using backend workflow? I’m not able to do that please suggest…

So I get a lot of users signing up to my app at the same time, which slows it down. Someone suggested using backend workflow. I want to save users’ info such as name company etc in DB along with adding users to a particular event page and assigning users that page… but not able save the input values…

please suggest

Hey @m.pulkitmadan :wave:

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble you’re having! Good problem to have lots of signups though!! :slight_smile:

It can be hard to troubleshot what’s going on without seeing the app. As a result, it might make sense to submit a bug report so we can take a closer look. This sounds like it could be a performance or capacity related issue. Have you checked your app’s logs to see if you’re maxing out your available capacity?

To answer your question, absolutely, you can pass information to the backend and save it using a backend workflow. But, if these are users that are signing up to get logged in, you’ll want atleast a portion of the workflow to happen client side so the user is actually logged in and redirected.

What this could look like is creating the account with just the bare minimum of details (email/password) and then sending the user record along with the other values to the backend for it to be saved in a backend workflow. If what you’re saving though is just first and last name, I’m afraid you might not see any performance difference by making this change.

Consider submitting a bug report so we can take a closer look and we’d be happy to make some suggestions based on what’s going on. And if you’d like, you can reach us directly at [email protected]

When setting up backend workflows you need to create the Parameter Keys using a manual definition and tell Bubble what data values they should be.

In your case, on the page you will sign the user up, log the user in and then trigger a backend workflow that you create.

You will need to have a parameter key for the Event, which in your app is probably a custom data type labeled as Event, and so when you create the parameter key the type of data you select will be Event. This key is needed to save the particular page to assign the user to the event.

Then you need parameter key to save the first and last name, these will both be type text.

After that you probably wouldn’t be saving their company as they just signed up and probably didn’t give you their company information.

How are they signing up? Is it a signup through their company so you are getting all employees of the same company signing up at the same time?

Thank you so much, it worked…

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