Saving JSON response data when File won't initialize

I need to save some JSON response data from a POST request. Unfortunately, when I switch the Data type from JSON to File, the call no longer initializes. Is there another way to save the response data or should I just focus on getting the File Data type working?

Which error do you get? Can you post a screenshot of your call?

@Jici It wasn’t a typical response with an error code. Rather it actually returned data but said the call was undefined:

When the data type is JSON, it initializes just fine:

Do you have this error if you set it to text instead of file?

The error does not happen when set to text but I lose the ability to select a field/parameter.

You will loose this ability too if you use file. What is your goal?

I want to display the response data cleanly and filter by the order id of the most recent order.

So what is the problem with using the JSON response?

The call takes an order id from the printing company that I’ll need to get from another call. When I used that data dynamically I wasn’t returning anything. I’m going to try to work on solving that problem first.

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I found the problem. The other call is a POST and I’m trying to use the response data from that. Since it returns the order ID, Get data from an external API won’t work because it’s not a GET. I think you had a thread on saving response data from a POST call so I’m gonna read through that.