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My save buttons workflow saves 23 thing from a users profile. it used to work perfect but now in the last few weeks, everytime I try I edit a profile and try and save it it takes forever just to show me a bug pop up. I traced the problem and its when it tries to save the user’s location, which is set to geographical location in the database. If I take this one work flow out of the save buttons workflows it works 100% perfect. but I havent changed anything at all so why all of a sudden do you think this is happening?? I need that in there. oh and if i refresh the page after seeing the bug pop up the information inputted is actually saved and shows saved in my DB and on my screen.

Any Help would be great.! I did report it (because it asks to do so in the pop up) as a bug a few weeks back but haven’t heard anything from bubble.

Hi, I’m not sure of why the bug happens but I think current users gps location requires a prompt and the user to accept that prompt. So some users may reject your request, you could try our free plugin to get the current users country.

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