Saving many-to-one data to the DB and linking

I am calling an external API which returns a parent type, eg ‘Report’ and then a number of child types, eg ‘Report Section’.

‘Report’ has a one-to-many relationship with ‘Report Section’

I want to display all the data I receive, and then click a Save button to save it to the DB.

I have set up the DB as follows:

Report type

  • Report Name - text
  • Report Section - list of Report Sections

Report Section type

  • Report Section title - text
  • Content - text
  • ReportLink - Report

I can successfully display the data being returned from the API call, with the Report Sections displayuing in separate text display boxes.

And I can save the data to their fields in the correct data type

But I cannot figure out how to update the multiple Report Section entries with the single Report link.

I think, after doing a fair bit of reading in the forums, that I need to update the Report Sections with a ‘Results of Step 1’… workflow action…? Is that correct? And if so, how do I do that?

And what is inserted into the ‘Report Section’ (list) field of the parent ‘Report’ type?