Saving text on Return Key

Hi All

So this seems really simple, and I think I have forgotten how, or it wasn’t possible without some javascript.

But is there a way to save the text typed into text input when the user only hits the Return Key?

I know you can kind of do when the text field changes, but it also saves when you click out of the text field. What I am after is a way to only save the text to the database if the user hits the Return key (Enter)?

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I believe if the field is within a group and that group has a button, hitting Enter will “click” that button.


Great, yep I knew it had to be simple, would be nice to be able to do this without the submit button as it would to turn off Return (paragraph) on multi-text input so it still expands line by line on text entry but Return key results in a save - without a button.


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