Saving the progress of the user while he is filling a form


I’m having a couple problems to save the progress of the user when he fills up a form after he connected himself with his account.

I’d like my app to save the answers to the form each time he fills a new input; even if he quits the app without submitting his answers. Do you think I can do that w/ bubble?

Thanks for your time

Hi there,

Yes this is possible on Bubble and quite simple to setup.

A couple of ways to go about it, but the best is probably using auto-binding for the fields, see below for video by Coaching Bubble that explains the setup:

This will save data in real time, without having to click submit or trigger a workflow…

You could right click on the input fields and start a new workflow:
This should create a new workflow with the condition ‘…value is changed’.
This could then make changes to a thing.

Another way could be a workflow ‘Do every 5 seconds’ and save the changes, though this is probably less efficient.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, I’ll look at that , seems like it will help me tremendously !