Saving user data before they have an account w/cookies on mobile


Has anyone found a way to manipulate privacy settings or some other method to be able to capture user information when cookies isn’t the strongest options? For context, I have a mobile app (it Is native), and people can take an onboarding quiz and then make an account. I want to ensure all the information captured by the quiz is accurately attributed to the user; however, sometimes it isn’t and a few data points get lost during the process. Has anyone found a fix for this?

Thanks in advance

I think some people are using locale storage or session storage. There is a plugin for it, but I’m not 100% sure if locale storage is actually used for things like this.

But, it is strange that the user taking the quiz will have some data points but not all as Bubble cookies last 72 hours, so unless they are taking the quiz over a course of time that is longer than 72 hours, there may be another reason why not all data points are saved properly.

Huh, I didn’t know that regarding the storage timeframe. That’s very interesting, I will dig into this more.