Saving user object


I just noticed a weird behavior (maybe I don’t know something) when I tried to save current user as a author of created thing. I have a marketplace where user can be a seller or buyer. When user A is creating something (product for example) then application is saving him as a author of this “auction”. The problem is that the field Author is empty when someone else than autor (user A) is on the page. When user B will go to user A “auction” page, the Author field will be empty.

Structure of data in database
–name: text
–price: number
–author: User

Could you tell me where is the problem?


Hi there, @mateusz_krysztopowic… do you have any privacy rules on the User data type that might be prohibiting the data from being shown?


thanks for your response @mikeloc

Honestly, I don’t know. My user model looks like:

And also there is a stripe payment object from which I can’t get data to process payment.

You are looking at the Data types tab… check out the Privacy tab just to the right of the Data types tab, click on the User data type, and see if there are any privacy rules in place.

Now I understand, working as expected!

Thank you. :wink:

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