Scaled-down, Limited Database Plan Suggestion

I don’t know if this is where this belongs, so sorry if I’m in the wrong place.

I really enjoy Bubble. It’s very functional, scalable, and still remains relatively cheap, but having a plan that’s scaled back in terms of a database function and allows the customer to white label their app would prove functional to me. I have an app that makes most of its requests with APIs. I use the database to store maybe 25 total items that mostly have to do with system settings.

The ideal plan for me would be the following:

  • Limited database space to the original free plan’s 200 items
  • The ability to remove Bubble branding and add a custom domain
  • Development/Live versions
  • Realtime analytics
  • Other misc. functions that are low in usage for Bubble’s servers and make sense to add to this type of plan
  • A price similar to that of the legacy personal plan