Scenario: Commission Calculation for shopping app

Objective: I need to implement a commission calculation system for a shopping app. The rules are as follows:

  1. If a user with a $500 package introduces someone with a $3000 package, the user receives $750.
  2. Out of the $750, if the user’s upline has a $3000 package, he take 100% of the commission too also $750.
  3. If the user upline has a $1000 package, he take $150, and the remaining $600 needs to be paid to the $1000 package upline of the $3000 package.
    how can we implement this as which should come first. $3000 or $1000 first?

So, two users involved with a total of $1,500 worth of commissions split equally between two users, the first user being the one with a $500 package who introduced the user with the $3000 package and the user with the $3000 package.

What is this? A third user who has a $1000 package that was introduced by the user with the $3000 package?


if the user is $500 package he intro a $3000 package if the user upline is $1000 first then it will pay this $1000 package user $150 and it will find another user of this $1000 package upline of $3000 package user and pay him the remaining $600

Sorry I don’t understand the relationships between the users in the way you describe.

I don’t understand this.

If you explain in a way such as ‘User A purchases a package for $500 and introduces User B who purchases a package for $3,000 and User B introduces User C who purchases a package for $1,000’…that would help me understand better the relationships between the users.

ok there is 3 package
there is 2 scenario

user A is a package of $500.
he introduce a $3000 package friend. $1500 referral fees will give to him but he is a $500 package he can’t get 100% of it so he can only get $750 50% of the $1500.
another $750 will find someone near him on his referral upline list.

  1. if the User B from the referral upline list is a $3000 package he will get the full $750 referral fee.
  2. if User B from the referral upline list is a $1000 package he will get only $150 referral fee from the $750 and the remaining $600 will serach for the nearest referral upline list of a $3000 package which is user C.

hope you understand this time. :grinning:

This doesn’t make any sense to me from a business or referral program setup.

Why would anybody participate in a program like this if they are User C and the person downline from them (User B) is on a $3000 package…it would mean then that user B gets the full 100% of all referrals and User C never gets anything because as you explain it…

This would mean that when User B is on a $3000 package User C gets no commission. This would mean that User C has no incentive to bring on a User B for any package size that gets 100% of commissions from downline referrals since doing so would cause User C to not get any commissions since User B on the $3000 package will always get the referral first.

Are you just building an app for a client and they are the ones who have come to you with this setup, or are you the person who is creating this referral system and are attempting to implement it into your own app?

Is the $3000 package friend = User B?

Normally these pyramid scheme setups make it so that money ALWAYS flows to the top and doesn’t matter what the people below are on, the percentages of the referrals are static at the different levels.

its doing for my client

so the user will sign up the bigger package then the small package so they can earn the full commission if not it will flow to the big package user


I get the feeling this post will be used as evidence in a federal courthouse some day…

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