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Schedule A Custom Event - Custom Event Not Firing, Slow Performance

Hello bubblers,

I have created in my app Custom Events following this example

I would like to allow my users to create repeating events. Repeats: daily, weekly, monthly.

For each of these frequencies I created 2 Custom Events that should be firing each other after 0.01 seconds (each 10 ms). From what I read the workflow for Custom Event is supposed to run parallel to other workflows.

I have the following workflow:

Step 20: Create A new Thing
Step 21: Add new Thing to list
Step 22: Trigger Custom Event called GenerateNextDailyParty

Custom Event called GenerateNextDailyParty only when the user selected daily in the frequency dropdown, has selected parties and has selected that party should be repeating.

Next it jumps into the Custom Events:

These Two Custom Event workflows should be firing each other until the end date is < the date user gave in the interface. (You could use start date as well here).

These custom events do no fire fast enough and get stuck at some point when the relevant inputs are reset.

The screenshot below shows Custom Event being fired but there is no value from the inputs because they have been reset.
So on one hand they are not blocking the current workflow from continuing, but on the other hand they need the data from that current workflow. There should be an option to block the current workflow from continuing until the scheduled Custom Events are finished. :thinking:

So If I understand correctly, to make this thing work, I would need to remove the reset input field and allow the custom events fire after the pop-up I have has been closed? :thinking:

Why does it take so long for the Custom event to complete. If I set the delay to 0.001 seconds, it doesn’t change the speed of event creation in the DB.

Hey, thanks for posting this here in the forum! This is a great question that users can provide some feedback on, since it pertains to the logic in your app.

It seems like the Reset Inputs workflow action could potentially be moved to another workflow. This way, you can deliberately trigger it after all previous operations are completed.

Also, changing the delay should add time in between workflows triggering, but doesn’t actually speed up the workflows.

Our team is happy to answer any additional questions at [email protected] while users here are great for feedback about your exact use case / app logic.

Hey Malcolm,

thanks for the message.

Right, so if I change the delay between Custom Events triggers to 0.0001 seconds that will not really change the speed at which the Events are fired. I tried testing it once or twice but didn’t see a change.

Where could I move the reset inputs workflow, if I want the inputs to reset automatically once the last event has been added to the DB. Is there a way to hook on such a state?

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