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Schedule API on List not working for me

I have an invoice that contains a list of catalog items used.
I want to create a “Part Used” thing for every catalog item listed on the invoice.

I created an API with two keys - catalog item and invoice. It creates a new part used. Catalog Item type for Item, Invoice type for Invoice, Invoice’s Location for Location.

I created a workflow when the finish button is clicked on the invoice page that is set to schedule the API on a list. It set for:

Types of things: catalog item
List to run on: current page’s invoice catalog items
Current date/time
Catalog Item: this catalog item
Invoice: current page’s invoice

It’s not creating any items. Where did I go wrong? Thanks!

Did you add the action in the API workflow “Create new thing: Part Used” and assign all those parameters to the appropriate fields for the Part Used?

Yes to all. I read several posts in the forum and think all parameters are assigned.

Do you have a link you could share?

Sorry for not uploading these to start with!

Hm, this looks correct. I may need to get into your actual editor to help debug. On the surface, I’m not seeing any issues. What do your parameter settings look like? Any requirements, conditions?

No requirements for the workflow, or conditions.

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