Schedule API WF on a list stop at 21 items


In my app, I have have features to import data via CSV in the plateform.
It works perfectly for 1 year.

It is been two days that the API workflow scheduler stop at 21 items (data coming from data parser)
For all import feature I have
Is someone experiencing the same weird behaviour ?


I’m having same issue! So any information will be great.

If you haven’t done so already, you should submit a bug report to make sure the issue is on Bubble support’s radar.

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Bug report done !!

Hi folks, thanks for checking in, we are looking into it now based on your reports. We will keep the status page updated (which you can also see from the forum).

-Payam Azadi, Director of Platform Engineering, Bubble


Hi folks, we’ve resolved the bug and all should be working now. Our Success Team is replying directly to customers who have filed bug reports. The source was a code deployment, which we have rolled back. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and we will pursue post-mortem and learning review activities first thing tomorrow as we have been for all incidents over the last several months. Thanks for your patience.



Hi !
Thanks !
This working on my side
I also downgrade form 29 to 28 because rg with condition on dataz source seems not to work
But I did not investigate further to be honnest, maybe i juste got wrong
Have a good day !

Was this affecting backend workflows in other ways as well? I’ve had backend workflows not requesting mandatory parameters, so in logs do not even see the parameter (ie: parameter is not empty nor with value - just no parameter listed)

Hey @boston85719

Have figured this out already?

We have a backend workflow that suddenly doesn’t include a certain parameter. At first, we thought there was something wrong with how we built it or we must have pushed a breaking change. But there was nothing wrong with it, it just happens randomly.

Now, we experienced this happening in a different backend workflow.

The parameter also doesn’t show up in the logs even if it’s mandatory.

Further proving that the issue must come from Bubble.

@payam.azadi can you please check our issue?

No I reported it February 21st (Bug report #153538) and just had to follow up today to inquire about a status as in my app I can see no testing had been done as of today, but perhaps support is testing via a local copy, although the reply indicated they are working through a backlog of reports, so likely my report has not gotten to the top of the queue yet and so no tests have been done by support.

I just followed up again with support indicating other users are reporting it on the forum so it should be safe to send it to engineering for a fix rather than requiring further time to test.

@payam.azadi have other users reported this issue of mandatory parameters not being requested by backend workflows and is there a fix in the works?