Schedule API workflow with external API update all rows with the first item in the database


I want to extract the authors of a list of URLs with the Aylien API.

I have a button on my page to schedule this API workflow for the list of websites.

This button triggers the following workflow on the backend.


My problem is the following: It seems like the Aylien API is running only on one URL and then update all the author fields with the author of this URL.

How can I run schedule the Aylien API to Add the author’s name of each URL?


I think that you Shouldn’t change a list of thing but only a thing that will be “This companies” That you have setup the scheduled WF on a list.
Each item will be processed in this step, so you don’t need to make change to a list of thing. I guess you are just overwritting data everytimes.

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Thanks it works !

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