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Schedule API's Question

How can i set this Schedule API:

Charge user X amount 2 weeks before an event date specified by user. (i already have said date as a field of a thing)

thank you!

I think you can use “Specified Date (+weeks): -2” as the date on which to run. At least I hope that works, I’m using it in my app!

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Oh i thought that you can only do (any date) + week because of the + sign.

So for example if i book a date today for jan 31 2017…

i can set the schedule to run: Client event date (+ weeks) -2

and that will charge the user two weeks before the event?

I am not 100% positive, but I’m trying it that way. I guess we could run a test using days to see. I’ll put that together this afternoon.

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negative integer are OK, so event date (+ weeks) -2 is correct


Awesome thank you good people! @potentialthings @nicolas.daprigny

Hey @charliefountain,

The guys above have got it correct; you can add negative numbers. Worth noting that the charge may fail if the user doesn’t have sufficient funds in the future. If you have a low-volume app, using the Authorize method could be a nice way to secure funds prior to actually capturing them.

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Good idea on Authorizing the charges. Thank you @iamsalar!