Schedule backend workflows

Hello all I am at the point where I want to schedule days API calls to update my system with another software I use.

Basically everyday at midnight I want the system to look at my other software and import any people added into the system.

I have been looking online and there are so many ways people are trying to show me. What is best practice?

Also what happens if I make an infinite loop by mistake?
What happens if I schedule something how can I cancel it?
Automatic things can shit the bed and get messed up easy - general advice?

Is there a way to trigger a backend workflow something like:
When current time is XXX run x workflow?

Just Schedule the workflow to run at the desired time.

What is the best practice for that?

I’m not really sure what you mean?

Like how is this safe?
Is there a way to view all schedules workflows?

Like how is this safe?

Safe?.. why would it not be safe?

Is there a way to view all schedules workflows?

Yes, they are all shown on the Scheduler tab of the Logs in the editor.

Use reoccurring events. There you can set the exact time you want it to run.