Schedule plugin action (bubble sql connector) each day

Hello all !
I’m stuck with this problem.
I have a sql action (let’s name it “clean_my_db”) that need no parameters nor use any app data.

I just want to execute it each day but I don’t see any options, I tried many ways but nothing appeared to work. I know the subject has been asked many time but I’ probably missed something.
Shouldn’t it be in the backend workflow folder ?

Can semeone help me with this ?

  • I don’t need this to be an API workflow because no need to pass any data
  • I need it to be automatic (no trigger from).

PS :

Is there any chance it’s because I did not click on “upgrade” ? I’m not sur if I should do this because I’m working on a production project and I don’t wan’t this to cause malfunctions on the website, I’m not sur if it will only change the editor interface or more…

Thanks a lot !

It still needs to be an API Workflow. API workflows don’t require parameters. Tip: You should learn the basics (for your sake) before building an app.

Still needs to be a triggers somewhere (admin).
You an either do a recurring WF and then a trigger to turn it on OR you can do a recursive API workflow (last step is to call the actual workflow in 24 hours.

Nope. See above.