Scheduled action wanted be fired "now"

Testing scheduled backend action is somtime very difficult, so I want to run the scheduled action “now” from the editor, schedule tab.

I want to ask you the best way to debug schduled actions especially for the actions which will be run for a long time ago.

I use the following steps:

  1. In case of complicated workflows, build the workflow as frontend workflow first (if possible), test and debug
  2. Build the workflow in the backend, use the logs to check the results
  3. In case of complicated workflows add steps to write parameters, results of data transformations, timestamps etc. to a log datatype.

You can even decide to create a datatype where you can set a flag in order to enable/disable additional logging (step 3) for a workflow. Especially useful when you have to debug in Live and the log contains a lot of entries.


Yup. Something like the below would be great.

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Yeah, absolutely