Scheduled API and dynamic values


After Signup I want to schedule an API that will send an email 2 days later.
This e-mail includes dynamic values (user related fields) from the DB.

My question is :
Will these values be what they are at the time the API is scheduled (Signup date/time) or what they are at the time the API is run (Signup date/time + 2 days) ?

Couldn’t fin the answer in Bubble’s doc…


If you’re defining them as text values in the workflow, then they will be whatever you set them as when you schedule the workflow.

But if you’re pulling them from the User datatype, then they will be whatever they are at the time the workflow runs.

Pretty simple to test this for yourself.

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You can easily check it by yourself :slight_smile:

  1. Create a user with name “Matthew”, schedule a WF to send this user an email in 5-10-15 minutes. In the email body include dynamic expression (user name)
  2. After scheduling the WF change the name from “Matthew” to whatever.
  3. Wait for your scheduled WF to run.

Thanks. Indeed, running a test would have been the clever thing to do…