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Scheduled API workflow is generating a partially blank POST


I want to schedule an API POST at an event_start_time to send data to another app, but the JSON for the POST is partially blank.

My app has 2 workflows:

  1. create an event
  2. attendees login (mins-days after event is created)

I currently have API POST trigger nested as part of the “create an event” workflow. When a new event is created; it’s then scheduled to run at the event_start_time.

The POST needs to send both event info and attendee info to the other app. However, when the POST runs, all the fields relative to the event page are populated. None of the fields relative to attendees are populated.

Does the API schedule store the results that will be sent at the time the action/trigger is hit (ie. a new event is created)? Thus would explain why the attendee fields in the JSON are non-populated (since they haven’t yet login for the event). If this is the case, is this a bug?

Any suggestions for a work around?

Here are a few screenshots of my current setup:
Workflow attached to create event - Scheduled API based on event_start_time

API Workflow

Partially empty JSON results :(. All the fields from the event_created populate. None of the fields from attendees logging in populate.

Yes, as I said in my email, the parameters are being populated at run time (so when they click Save) hence there are never going to be any attendees in the way it is set up.

What you need to do is schedule the API, and then within the API logic go an get the CURRENT attendees.

So delay this database action until when the API runs, not when it is scheduled.