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I couldn’t find anything this specific in the forums so I wanted to get some feedback from the community regarding current Bubble functionality before I invested a great deal of my time into working on my idea (confidential). What I’d like to know is if I would be able to collect payments from certain users and then, at a later date (the first of each month), pay out commissions on those purchases to other users. Would I be able to do this with either Braintree or Stripe? I know Braintree is made by and is compatible with Paypal, which would be a bonus; but then there seems to be something called ‘Managed/Custom Accounts’ with Stripe that is more versatile or something like that. Any info on if / how this can be done would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Yes, check the Stripe docs. Sorry, don’t have a lot of time right now but essentially, you’ll be able to set your user’s custom account’s payout schedule to “manual”.


You could totally handle deferred-payouts in your platform using Stripe. I highly suggest you take our Platform Payments course which goes in-depth on collecting and distributing payments, but here’s a quick overview:


These are the users that will be receiving payments. When you sign them up through your platform, they won’t know they have a Stripe account in the background powering all of their platform financials. Every seller will need to provide some identification details as well as their bank account information for payouts.


You can collect a payment from a credit card, whether it’s entered through your website directly or a part of the a saved Customer’s cards. It’s up to you whether you’d like to capture the charge amount immediately, or simply authorize for now and capture it when the time is right. You have the option to charge a payment as your own platform, or charge a payment on behalf of a seller. When you charge as a seller, you can collect an application fee which would be your commission.


When you charge or capture a payment as your own platform with a Transfer Group identifier, the funds are deposited into your platform’s Stripe account. To send a certain amount to one of your Sellers, you can create a transfer which specifies the amount to transfer and the unique Transfer Group identifier from the point of charge. Before April 2017, transfers had to be made at the point of sale so deferred transfers weren’t possible.

You can totally accomplish deferred payments and commissions when you’ve understood the Stripe architecture and are integrated with them using full-featured plugins Stripe.js Plus. The above is not enough to know how to integrate platform payments so be sure to work through Stripe’s robust documentation to learn more about available features, legal requirements and other considerations. :wink:

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Thank you both for your time. That’s great to hear.

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