Scheduled pop up

I would like a pop up to appear every 7 days after the user closes it
Could some one help me?

There are probably many ways you can do this, but I’d do it like this: create a new type in the user field called: “showPopup” and make it yes/no. Make the default value yes, and once the popup is closed by clicking an “X” or “Close” button schedule a workflow for Current Time/Day +days: 7. And in that scheduled workflow make the showPopup type for that user yes.

In terms of the popup, make it “cannot hit esc to close.” And make a “Do every 1 second” action only when the Current User’s showPopup is “yes” then show the popup.

Hope this helps :blush:

would you know how to ensure that a pop up cannot be hit or closed?

By checking this check mark, I forget what it’s actually called but it’s something like “cannot hit esc” on the popup, users won’t be able to click out of it or hit esc to close it without clicking a close button which would trigger the workflow to schedule

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Hey @quidsicurezza :wave:

Just FYI, a popup should not be used for security. If that is what you are thinking, check it out: 🔐 Why a popup is not good for security - with video on how to hack your own site to test it

Hope that helps! :blush:


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