Scheduled workflows not triggering properly

I’ve got scheduled workflows running easily from inside my app when I click a button, but I’m trying to trigger them automatically when a new lead comes in from Zapier. For some unknown reason it’s just not happening, not sure why. I’m including a video of me testing both approaches and workflows, as well as dropping a link to the editor below:

Willing to pay for coaching if anyone can hop on tomorrow?

@scott3 Have you look you logs? For coaching, @romanmg :wink:

Figured it out @JohnMark. Already got coaching scheduled Wednesday with Gaby, looking forward to it!

The API call needed a particular piece of data that I wasn’t passing it, so it wasn’t running.
Digging into the logs was indeed the right choice :wink:

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It’s a good investment particularly in the beginning of our precious time to asked direct help even for $. Bravo! :slight_smile: