Scheduled workflows of deleted users


due to the new rulings related to GDPR, we have an increased number of users who want their data removed from our services.

My Question: do scheduled workflows (e.g. email being sent) work with a parameter reference to the deleted user and therefore stop functioning (as the referenced user is not existing). Or is the user somehow stored and I manually have to cancel future workflows to be sure that the person does not receive any further emails from my system?

Would be greatful for help.

If the user has deleted their account, you could just check to see if your database still has their information stored or not. If it is stored still, chances are they would still be getting emails, and worst, you wouldn’t be abiding by their wishes of having their data removed.

If the user data is not stored still, I don’t see how the system could email them, if you don’t have their email stored any more.

One caveat here is if for some reason you created a list of users emails to use for sending emails and didn’t remove the users emails who requested their data be removed from the list of emails. Then, if you have deleted all the user data, but their email is still present in the list, you hopefully have the users email address to search for it in the list and remove it manually.

You could also just add a conditional to the workflows to only email users who are still active and have a data field on the user data type “is_active = yes/no” which should help with emails not being sent in the event you for some reason haven’t deleted their data as requested.

You could also use the conditionals in emails for users opting in/out of certain types of emails.

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