Scheduler format Broken

Anyone else seeing the Scheduler formatting broken?

This happened overnight as it was fine yesterday

Checked releases yesterday and don’t see anything obvious

11/21/22 21:32

Internal update: o11y exporters

11/21/22 21:05

Refactors internal script runners

11/21/22 20:41

Don’t send internal metrics on client abort

11/21/22 20:21

Internal Refactor (version control, version creation)

11/21/22 19:16

Track more plugin meta data on plugin creation

11/21/22 18:31

Preparation for internal tooling

11/21/22 18:11

Change the cursor when hovering on paywall buttons

11/21/22 16:46

Small fix for concurrent user id correctness in the editor

11/21/22 16:18

Internal refactor (client code), Internal development (billing)

11/21/22 15:51

refactor of our metrics engine for capacity

11/21/22 15:31

Align the table in File Manager tab with the table in the App data tab

11/21/22 15:06

Internal refactor (domains)

Hmm :thinking: I haven’t seen that before.

Your zoom at 100%? :man_shrugging:t2:

Wasn’t zoom but a re-load of the browser solved it.


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