Schedules according to the day of the week

Hi! hope you are well!
I’m creating a scheduling system I need to create the schedules according to the day of the week, as I show in the visual I’ve already done.
I’m having a lot of trouble with the workflow for this! Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
Above this print the user chooses the date and time.


Hello !

I understand that you need to plan to execute something on a specific day. (Workflow ?)

Maybe you can define a value since today : ex : 1. Each day this value will be automatically updated (+1) and reseted to 1 when it’s 8. (New week).

With this custom value you can setup your workflow.

Ex : if the user chose Sunday but it’s monday (1), then execute the workflow current date + (7-1).

I actually want to schedule recurring appointments, according to the day of the week, just like Google Calendar does.

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