Scheduling a workflow sending me in circles!

Once the event date expires I want to automatically ‘Unjoin’ everyone from the expired event using a scheduled workflow.

To do this you’ll need to use a backend workflow.

All you need to do is schedule the backend workflow to run on the event expiry date, with actions to remove the Users from that event.

From the rest of your posts in this thread it appears you’re trying to schedule a ‘Custom Event’ instead of using a backend workflow (which won’t work for what you’re trying to achieve)

Custom events are browser actions, so you can’t schedule those to run on a set date or time, only after a set number of seconds, and they run client-side, so once the user closes the browser they won’t run.

By the way, the custom event I set up wouldn’t work anyway because no matter what I do, the text becomes red ‘error’ text. If I choose Type: Event, I am warned that “You’re trying to change a list of Events”. If, however, I choose Type: User, I am warned that “You’re trying to change a list of Users”.

That’s because that’s exactly what you’re doing - from your screenshot you haven’t specified an event (or a User) to change - rather you’ve done a search for events, which will return a list of events (you’re searching for ALL events who’s date is after the current date/time) - hence it says “you’re trying to change a list of events”.

In order to change a singe event you need to specify a single event to change.

I have identified the issue to be that a scheduled event won’t allow me to ‘make changes to a thing’, it always forces me to make changes to a list of things. I have tried both custom and general scheduled workflows, and get the same issue.

I think you’ve misunderstood the error message - it’s telling you the opposite - that you are trying to change a list of things (when you should be changing a single thing, i.e. an event).

and now my workflow won’t let me select that custom event from the dropdown?

I can’t see from your screenshot, but it looks likely that you’re trying to schedule a custom event from within the custom event itself (i.e. create a loop) - which you cannot do in Bubble. If you need to do that then there are plugins you can use instead.

But again, from your original question, I can’t see why you’re trying to schedule a custom event at all here (unless I’m missing something) - you need to be using a backend workflow to achieve what your original question was asking about.

Here’s a basic outline of the process you should be looking at:

  1. Create a backend workflow, with a parameter for Event (of type Event), and an action to make changes to ‘Event’ and remove the users from the list of attendees.

  2. When your event is created, add a workflow action ‘Schedule API Workflow’ to schedule the backend workflow you created above, send the newly created Event as the Event parameter, and schedule it to run on the Event’s expiry date/time.