Scheduling Deployment Updates?

Hey all

I don’t believe this has been a released feature yet, but has it been discussed to include the ability to schedule deployment updates? For example, I could schedule them to deploy during down hours while no one is using my product.

Does the new multi-version feature allow for this?

How are SMB/Enterprise products built on Bubble releasing updates? Are you waking up in the middle of the night to push updates to your users?


Hi there @eve @Emmanuel @josh!

Is this something we can submit to the feature request repository? Scheduling deployment updates would be great for SMB/Enterprise apps. Maybe start with a date/time setting and gradually add a feature where it would be based on date/time/traffic?

I’m not sure of a way to do it today, apart from waking up in the middle of the night and pushing them, or during moments of no usage.


Thanks for checking in! Your request has been noted.


+1 for that!!


+adding support for this!


Thanks for the support @david17 @aestela, I think it’s a great and overlooked feature. Being able to schedule the deployment of updates is key to providing a great UX for SaaS apps.


+1 for that feature


thats cool but i feel u should be able to make the changes and then have a way to deploy them through a workflow in the live/already deployed version of the app and i feel that there should be a way to do this for people who are not paying for bubble because some people may not have money to pay and if this is already possible please do feel free to let me know but if its not already a feature please do make it a feature for people who cant pay for paid plans to be able to use to

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+1 for this feature


Hey @jcalvarezjr, maybe add this to the new Bubble Ideaboard?

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yup already did! @johnny

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Yay! Hopefully we get this, would for sure be a gamechanger

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It’s important folks submit this in the feature requests link.

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Bumping this. This should be next on the list of features.

How do any SaaS or anyone with actual paying customers deploy updates?? I’m genuinely interested in learning how you do not disrupt your users experience.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and deploy?

We should be able to schedule deployment updates by date/time and user load.


Looping in @allenyang for some thoughts on the Bubble Front

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Anyhow good to see 11 upvotes… maybe more people can upvote it to get more attention?

How do I do that you may ask:

  1. Head over to - make sure you’re logging in
  2. Search in “Summary of Idea”: “Scheduling Deployments”
  3. Click “See More” then select “Upvote”
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Definitely want to upvote for this feature (more than once). Bubble, it would greatly add value and help your users help their users.

I must be missing something; I don’t see a way to search for ideas on the page Any direct ways to get there?

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Meaning in the input labeled, “Summary of Idea”

Thank you, @johnny. The size of my screen limited the search result information autopopulating from my view (not an intuitive UX to upvote for feature requests)


CC: @allenyang @ethanreeder maybe a UX fix for the ideaboard?