Scheduling email with links that redirect to parent's group thing

Hi everyone!

I am currently struggling to implement a few things. I am on my way to release my marketplace where I have 2 user types.

User A can create a timeslot where User B can book the event depending on timing, price, rating, etc. So far, this part is sorted out.

However, to understand the quality of the sellers, I’m trying to automate “after-event-feedback-email” which obviously has a certain schedule date and inside of it, there’s a link which shall redirect the email receiver to his/her dashboard and ultimately leave the feedback and a star.

So this is where things are getting tricky for me… If it wasn’t for the Backend Workflows, I think I could figure out how to provide a link that would display the relevant information for the feedback giver.

However, now when I schedule the email and add the link, and the receiver opens it, there’s no information displayed on who they’re going to rate. In short, I don’t know how the automated email’s link can fetch the event’s data… Perhaps you have any thoughts?

Finally, the last question that I have is a bit different as it regards the stripe.js plugin. Does any of you know how can I display the credit card’s 4 last digits to the user that has already added full details beforehand?

Thanks in advance!

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You can use a link

Reference | Bubble

Or maybe the new slug

[Beta] Page Slugs - Bubble Manual

Or if you are old fashioned you can add ?parameter=xxxx to the link. And then on page read in the parameter and find the thing.

Thanks for your help @NigelG . I ended up solving this issue using a simple link. For some reason, I have poorly configured it in the first place, but now it works perfectly.

By the way, do you by chance have any idea how can I display the credit card’s 4 last digits and the brand’s name using the stripe.js v.1.9.210 plugin?

Thanks again!