Scheduling payments - setting times

I want to pay out my sellers once a month on the 24th of the month (or, obviously, the 24th of the following month if a transaction happens in the last few days of the month after the 24th). To do so, I’m using the following stage in a workflow to set the time of the next payment run.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 102439

if it’s currently prior to the 24th of the month and I’ve incorporated a condition if it’s after the 24th of the month as follows.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 104339

This works for me but…

It generates the date and time as, for example, Mar 24 2023 12:00am.

The thing is, I’d rather set the time to 11:59am because;
A) I don’t know if 12:00am is the first or last second of the day which makes timing the payout tricky
B) If the payment fails for whatever reason, I can be alerted during my office hours which is more convenient.

However, how do I phrase is so that it creates the time at 11:59am on the 24th of the required month?

As ever, any constructive help is much appreciated.
All the best

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… if I understand your post correctly, change the date to the 25th rounded down to date, and then work +(minutes):-1 into the expression.

Hope this helps.


Edit: Oh, wait, you said 11:59am… did you mean AM or PM? By the way 12:00am on March 24th is the first minute of the day on March 24th.

Actually, if you want 11:59am, (not pm - although it seems a pretty odd time to do something?!) then just use ‘change date to 24’, ‘change hours to 11’, and ‘change minutes to 59’

Although you suggested you want to do it in the last second before midday… so you’ll also want to ‘change seconds to 59’ in that case.

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Hi Mike. Many thanks for this. My preference is for 11:59AM so during working hours in the morning just before midday. I guess I could do as you suggest (which is a nice solution!) and subtract 721 minutes (I’ll check my maths on that but so that it lands on 11:59!) It doesn’t have to be exactly 11:59am, just an unambiguous time during daylight office hours when I’ve had coffee and can think properly.

Ah, okay… then don’t do what I said… do what Adam said and change hours, minutes, and seconds to whatever time you want it to be.

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But much simpler just to do it at midday…

Change date to 24: rounded down to day: plus hours (12)


Change date to 24: rounded down to day: change hours to 12

You could also deduct a minute (or a second) from that if you really do want to do it at 11:59am

Hi Adam
Thanks for this. I hadn’t realised I can change the time like that so I’ll give it a go. My reasoning for 11:59am is that I want to pay people out while everyone’s awake in case there’s an issue with it then I can let them know that day. There’s no real reason for picking 11:59am per se other than it avoids the midnight being the first/last second of the day confusion and gives people time to get into their day rather than arrive in the morning and be greeted with “Hey, you didn’t get any money from us!” (Also it enables me to have caffeine which leads indirectly to a more helpful experience for my sellers if they have to talk to me! :grinning:

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