Scheduling workflow on a list is taking too long, how to speed it up?

I’m scheduling a workflow on a list, however it is taking far too long. Does anyone have an idea of how to speed this process up?

For context, I have a repeating group of ‘topics’ that contains a checkbox. When the checkbox is clicked and the button ‘add to my collection’ is clicked. The topic is added to the users collection via the workflow on a list. The interval is 5 seconds.

My workflow on a list takes the topic in question and creates a new ‘user’s topic’ - which is important as the user needs the ability to edit the topic without changing the one in the original list, which is why it is being saved as a separate thing.

This is taking far too long however when multiple topics are being uploaded, anyone have any ideas on how to reduce this time or build this another way?

Why do that via a backend workflow? Just add the topic to user’s collection.

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If you are not able to add the topic to a list of topics on the user data type, which I think what you say here implies that

It seems like you have a list of topics as a data type which will be unchanged and used to allow users to select topics to add to their list of ‘user’s topic’…but later in time you want the user to be capable of editing the topic ( I believe they would edit the topics ‘title’ ) and you don’t want them to change that list of topics as a data type that all users original choose from.

So, I don’t know what other reasons you need that ability, but a couple of things I would do differently is one, just allow a user to create a topic and not provide a list to choose from. If you think your users need a list of topics to choose from to come up with ideas, you could always just provide a tip box that shows those ideas.

If for some reason you are going to ‘link’ the topics to some main system, so that all users who select a topic are able to stay ‘linked’ to it, you need to rethink the idea of allowing the user to edit topics they selected, because if they edit it, you will not be able to maintain a link.

Another idea, is that when a user is selecting a topic you simple save the topic as a text field, use the topics value to save that text so that later when the user wants to ‘edit’ the topic they are changing a text field, which would not affect the original list in anyway…one easier way to do this is create an option set for your topics and when you create your workflow to save those that are checked you save ‘this options display’ as the text.

If you think things are taking too long by allowing a user to save all checked topics after they have checked all topics, you can rethink the way and time of when you save the list. When I allow a user to use checkboxes, I save that information on the click and therefore selection of that item

This way there is no lag time at all

And when I want them to be able to click a check box to select all things I have a box that is a check box with ‘select all’ and set up workflows like this

All items are saved seemingly instantly.

In your case you would need to not save the actual option but instead the options display as you require the user be able to edit that topic, so I can only assume you mean they will edit the title of the topic…but I really don’t see the reason to have them select a topic if they are only possibly later going to be able to ‘edit’ that topic…just have them create topics

Thanks Keith,

Looks like it was just a case of me making things too complicated for myself haha.

Just in case anyone visits this in the future in a similar circumstance:

I made a workflow that when the checkbox in the repeated group is checked, create a new thing etc… rather than run a workflow on a list.

Cheers for your reply, managed to sort it out now finally after reading through the replies and getting it clearer in my head!

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