Schedulle + "Smart Time Slots"

Hello! I am newbie here.

I am trying to create an schedulle app where the available slots works accordingly to previous selection of time of the user. Let me explain the workflow:

1- User enter in app and choose for a product that take some time to be done, lets say 25/35/45 minutes each
2- He can select 1 of 3 (25 or 35 or 45) or even the three (25+35+45=105min)
3- Slots availability should understand it and show slots of specific demand described in 2 and should also optimise the agenda triyng to offer slots in a organized way (not leaving waisted time)
4- Doing it i expect to not have waisted time in the daily agenda.

Lets recap and see in practise: cliente choose service of 25 min the app shows

09:00 — free
09:25— blocked
09:50 — free

And so on…

Lets recap and see in practise: cliente choose service of 25 and 35 min = total 60 min then app shows slots like this

09:00 — free
10:00 — free
11:00 — blocked
12:00— free

Considering both scenarios the inteligence would be to put the right slot in the right time of daily schedulle.

I tried to see some tutorials but nothing adress it…I also made a search for plugins but could not find a solution.

Any views to help me?

Thanks a lot!

There are several plugins that assist here.

Have you come across them?

e.g. Calendar Booking Plugin | Bubble

or New Plugin: TopCal - Dates, Ranges and Time Slots


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Hey ZubairLK! Thanks a lot! I am studying what you sent.

I would use the TopCal plugin or my plugin which comes with calendar and timeslot scheduluer but it may actually be overkill. have been meaning to break away the timeslot generator as a standalone free plugin for some time now. might be time to flip the switch

do your calendar have the feature that i need?