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Scrape data from a link

Hi, is there a way to scrape information from a link? Precisely, I need to build the following:

I would like to prompt users to insert a link to a podcast (example:

I have a data type “Podcast” in my app, with the fields “Title”, “Picture”, “Description”, “Link to Podcast”.

One the user has entered a link to a specific podcast, I would like to add a new entry to my database and scrape the “Title”, “Picture”, “Description” and “Link to Podcast” from the link.

Is this somehow possible?

Thanks for your help!


Good day,

Please clarify if the link for scrapping will always be from the same website or it will be a different websites?

Hi @oleksiy thanks for answering so quickly. I wanted to implement it with a Spotify link first, but if it would be possible with other links from other platforms (i.e. Apple, Deezer, Soundcloud etc.) even better.

Hello Enno,

Try, there you can create a scrapper template for a spotify and then send a request to provided API link. This solution is great for a scrapping just one website as for every single website you have to create a scrapper template, which in my case was not good enough. I asked owner and at this moment they don’t have a mechanism which will automatically apply a scrapper template to the API request.

But in you case there is a workaround if you know that you will scrap only a few website. What you can actually do is to place a notice that your service works with i.e. spotify, apple and so on. Then make a separate scrapper templates using a simplescrapper and send an API request based on condition. For example if input contains a link for spotify, then you sent an API request to spotify template and so on.

For a few templates it’s okay, in my case it could be more then 30 templates, which will take some time to search for a specific API URL and will slow down the end user expectations.



@oleksiy thank you, this is very helpful. Best, Enno

Hi @oleksiy

My app is needing to collect a user’s # of social media followers. There may be a better way to achieve this end goal across multiple platforms, however, for instagram there is a link that can provide user details.[Username]/?__a=1

How could I scrape a piece of the results and put it back into bubble?
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 12.48.34 PM

Thanks so much for the help,

Hey @enno.krey did you end up using How did it work for you?