Scrapping data in FB

is it possible to scrap data of FB member in FB group. i know there are several tools but can we integrate it in our bubble apps? is there API for that.


That is a great question…please type it into the following tool…This Tool HERE

Hi @rggaas

I have previously done this using python’s selenium library, however, this was back in 2018 meaning that the code will be unlikely to work due to HTML changes.

Also, the script was to scrape the data from the workplace version of facebook which meant that I didn’t mind the risk of getting my work account banned. I personally wouldn’t scrape using a personal or real account.

Btw, @boston85719 no need for the rude comment. No one forced you to reply.

No need to discuss other people’s approaches to the way they handle themselves on the forum.

A lot of times, people forget that there is a whole world wide web out there for them to search and might find it helpful to be pointed in the right direction, and some people may have a sense of humor that could be hard for others to understand. So lighten up a bit.

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I’m new to app development, learning through Bubble for eight months. I’ve used YouTube tutorials for building my bubble apps. I’m facing a challenge with technical Facebook Graph API docs. YouTube mostly covers Google Maps, not Facebook scraping in Bubble. Got a private message confirming it’s possible, including your input. Just seeking clarification from this forum if its possible before digging deeper in order not to waste my time. Thanks for your help!

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