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Screen Jumps After Input Submitted

I"m working on a messenger. I have created it in a regular group, as opposed to a popup, because popups seem to take longer to load, but I’m running into a weird issue.

I have a single line input & a small hidden button with the new message workflow. For some odd reason, the screen jumps down after pressing enter.

I quickly tried to recreate this in the public forum, to no avail. Of course my app is far more complex, so it could be something else. Has anybody dealt with this issue?

Also, is there a way to stop a user from being able to scroll when an element is visible?

Hey csblack,

Do you have a URL to the app or maybe a demo of the problem?


I am having the same issue. Were you able to find the solution? Thx

I don’t believe so. If you feel this is a bug, perhaps it is worth submitting.

Hi guys,

I have the same problem - I’ve countered it by setting the workflow to scroll back up to the element on submission, but it’s really jerky - did anyone find a solution to this? Like you, this only affects the screen when I hit ‘enter’ - clicking the button does not cause it to scroll.

I, too, have a really complex app with lots of panels - I was wondering whether it was to do with the height of other hidden groups in the background, but I’m hoping it’s a bug instead as that will be a pain to address…

me too. I tried to only make it visible when its not empty with no joy