Screen sharing plugin/API?

Hello, I’m looking to add in screen sharing functionality like you would find on Skype etc. Would like it to be usable for both mobile and web devices.
Also would like to add facetime like functionality for mobile - sharing what your camera is viewing. I was looking around at existing plugins and didn’t see anything.
Does anybody know if either of these functionalities are currently available?


There’s a way to do screen sharing using OpenTok’s embeds. It’s a bit tricky to set up, doesn’t work on iOS devices yet (I’m pretty sure), and includes a per minute cost through OpenTok. You can search the forum for more details.

Screen sharing would be more complex and would likely require custom code, but I could be wrong. It’s also a lot more complex on iOS because Apple doesn’t fully support some of the underlying technologies that make it cheaper / easier to build although that’ll likely change in the next year.


OpenTok’s script embed works for Safari 11 on both MacOSX and iOS (ie works on iOS devices without needing a separate app). It is indeed tricky to set up on Bubble.

Yes, support for Safari 11 is new. That said, it still won’t work in iFrames and isn’t nearly as stable as something like Chrome or Firefox.

Yeah, Safari does not allow access to camera or microphone from an iFrame. You have to use the script version of the embed to get it to work in Safari. And even so, directly embedding the script into an HTML element on Bubble does not work for Safari. You have to use an HTML import from another page (preferably on same domain as your app, if you use a custom domain) + polyfill.

For those interested, I recommend checking out the webcomponents.js or polymer.js libraries to do this. It’s not the most difficult thing to do with javascript, but definitely not for beginners.