Scroll horizontally in mobile responsive


I have slide bar and text boxes of width 800 in a group . i am designing a mobile responsive website and want to make this scroll-able for the users. how can do this?

Hmm :thinking:

Maybe posting a screenshot of a link to your preview can help us debug for you. :man_shrugging:t2:

If I understand your issue correctly, you might be looking for a floating group and instead of attaching it to the top or bottom, use both. That way it will scroll on pages when it needs to. Just make it the full length of your page.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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You got a lot of knowledge about the responsiveness !

May I share my link with you to see if my header can get responsive ?


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Show me what you got and I will see if I can give you some ideas. :blush:

hi @J805 . Thanks for replying. can you click this link.

I wanna show that slider calculator and fields of which are fetching from database in the mobile responsive view. How can i do that ?

So, if you really want to stick with that design, I would split the values up into 3 sections and make them stack on top of each other when the screen gets smaller. Right now the whole page is fixed width, so it’s not responsive at all.

Or, my suggestion, think about re-designing it with mobile in mind. Right now, I don’t think it’s a good UI for a mobile. There might some better ways to display the data that could look a bit better. I use for design ideas a lot. It’s very helpful.

Hope that helps a bit. :blush: Let me know if you have questions about that.

I’m looking at your header on my mobile phone and it looks fine. Where do you see an issue?

You have to use the version-test

Ahhh. Got it.