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I 'm reporting an issue on a design feature… I would like to have on my dashboard a fixed left and top menu so I did a reusable element like this one

I would like know to have content on the middle of the page that could scroll.

How can I do ? Or is better to choose an other way to do what I would like ( scrolling content with fixed left and top menu) to do? And which one ?

Thanks to everyone in advance

NOTES: the reusable element is 1920x1080 like the dimentions of the pages so the reusable element takes all the page

Hi @lam :slight_smile: I would make the top header a reusable element, and the left-side bar a reusable element (two separate reusable elements). Then that will allow you to place other elements in the center of the page, without the reusable element interfering.

Hi @fayewatson , Thanks for your reply
Is what I thought too but how to do for the gradient background especially for the bottom part. Is there any solution?

On this way I have also another issue.
Before I was getting floating group from menu like that

but now the floating group “home” is few pixels away

How to solve that?

Thanks for your help

No problem! :slight_smile: You can set the gradient at the page level by double-clicking on the page and adjusting the background style. For the home submenu, I would use a focus group instead of a floating group, and set the reference element to be each icon that the submenu corresponds to. Then create a workflow which ‘shows’ the focus group when each icon is clicked.

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