Scroll to element speed setting

I am wondering if there is a known way to change the speed at which the page scrolls to an element on it.

For my purposes, I am scrolling the page to a hidden floating group that has a scroll bar like a side menu that contains a repeating group.

On page load I have a regular group with the same repeating group from the side menu floating group. When the regular group is hovered the page scrolls to the position that the hidden floating group is to be displayed and the regular group is hidden.

I have set it up this way to make the scroll function more smooth for a user and it worked better if I didn’t have the page load with the floating group since the two scroll bars caused some inconsistency. Anyway…

Just curious if there is a a way to control the speed that the workflow of scroll to element is set to.



I would also like to know the answer to this - i’m guessing no but would be nice to see

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