Scroll to entry in repeating group not working on first click


I installed template of messages, and I I have issue with a workflow that set there, need your help :slight_smile:

  1. there is a list of conversions on the screen, and when I’m clicking on the conversion first click its take me to the conversion but to the top (first message), and then when I’m clicking another time its look like the workflow is working and its take me to the last message of the conversion

here is the workflow that set there :

When the list (conversion) is clicked
1.Scroll to entry:last item
2. Go to Page index (the page that the conversion is there , with the conversion ID on the URL)

And Ideas how I can make it work on the first click ?

Thanks for helping


When you are clicking onto the conversation, it is not possible to tell it to scroll to the last item in a repeating group meant to display the messages of that conversation because, depending on your setup, the RG displaying messages might not even be visible, but no matter, what it is not going to have the messages loaded, so it would not know how to scroll to the last message, so from the perspective of how Bubble works, it is doing exactly as it should, which is scrolling to the last item in a repeating group that is empty, is essentially not scrolling.

You need to setup some conditional workflows to scroll to last item in rg for messages based on the messages rg not being empty and the conversation having been selected.

thanks it worked!
I did a workflow that runs always when the conversion on the URL is empty and now its works :slight_smile:

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But now I have other issue with that,
When I’m clicking on a conversion all good and its scrolls to the last message,
but when I’m moving from one conversion to another, its not effect it.
And I saw that there is no “when changed” trigger on bubble,what I can do ?

I also tried to create another step on the workflow that firstly clean the conversion parameter and then set the new one but it didn’t worked


Share a screen shot of your UI for desktop and mobile, as sometimes the UI of our app can help us determine the best way forward for implementing the UX and actions.