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Scroll to entry not working


At this point, I’m a little frustrated with bubble. There are tons of small issues which one can’t explain.

I created a button and put a workflow on it. when I click the button, the repeating group on the page should scroll to a particular entry which has a particular date.
For some reason, it’s not working.
The repeating group is a meal plan which has meals with dates. I want it to scroll to the entry which has the date of today.

Note that the repeating group is a full list repeating group.

the screenshot shows me trying the simple option of scrolling to the :last item entry, but it still won’t work.

@lancegerarrd I can see in the image you referenced that in the value of entry to scroll to, you are doing a search expression. Why not just use that repeating group list of items:last item as the value instead of a search expression.

Ok. thanks a lot… I have tried that and it works… but I still can’t it to scroll to the item which has the current dat/time

Oh, I am very sorry @lancegerarrd, I didn’t read the clause well that it was suppose to scroll to a particular item with a particular date. I currently don’t know how to achieve this unless I take more time to test this out.

But one idea I can think of, is that you find the index of the item that has the particular date that you want before the scroll action, and then scroll to the repeating group item:index+1

Thanks a lot for trying to help. I had thought of using item:index# but i don’t know how to get the index number of the item with that date. Please can someone help!

Thanks a lot man. I found it. I used :filtered and i filtered by the date. also i using wrong date options in my filter criteria,

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