Scroll to entry of RG not working

I’m using the scroll to entry of a RG action to scroll to the bottom of a RG and it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I’m using have a workflow that sets the state of the index of a “support chat”, shows the support chat page, then scrolls to entry as you can see below.

I also tried “index’s support chats messages (support), last item” and tried both 5 and -5 vertical offset.

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At what stage do you do this scroll - i.e. what triggers it? One potential issue is if you do this on page load then the RG may not have loaded all entries by the time you trigger the action.


It is trigger on a workflow when the “open conversation button” is clicked. the same workflow sends the data to the RG prior to the “Scroll to entry” action. I think what you mentioned is the issue since now its scrolling but not to the very bottom. Do you know a potential solution?

You could try a “Do when condition is true” event (set to run once) with the condition “only when RG loading is no”, then put your scroll action in there. I’ve not tested that.

Another option is to add a short pause (to allow the RG time to load) prior to the scroll in your current workflow. Like this:

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